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2020 New design ballistic shield to Europe

TIME : 2020-01-18 HITS : 122

2020 New design ballistic shield to Europe

Deekon exported two bulletproof shield to European countries last month.

One bulletproof shield is NIJ IIIA PE shield with LED system. Another bulletproof shield is NIJ IV shield with wheel.

NIJ IIIA PE bulletproof shield specification
1Bulletproof shield size500*900mm
2MaterialPE material
3Window size100*420mm
4Bulletproof LevelNIJ0108.01 IIIA
5AccessoriesLED Light system

NIJ IV Bulletproof Shield
1Bulletproof level:NIJ0108.01 IV
2Material:Silicon carbon
3Window size:150*300mm
4Shield size:600*1600mm
5Accessories:4 wheels and two handles