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Camuflatge de bosc estàndard NIJ 0101.06 Armilla balística de protecció completa

Woodland Camouflage Pattern

Full Protection Bulletproof Vest

Multi Function Pocket

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Camuflatge de bosc estàndard NIJ 0101.06 Armilla balística de protecció completa

Stand Bulletproof Vest - Can Pass All Kind of Lab Testing

El vestit impermeable Deekon Level IIIA Bueelt ofereix protecció NIJ Level IIIA. (Feu clic aquí per conèixer el nivell a prova de bales). L’armilla Deeton Bulletproof ha estat fabricada amb l’alta qualitat UHMWPE o KEVLAR per proporcionar-vos una protecció amb la qual podeu comptar. Aquesta armilla a prova de bales ha estat provada i homologada per la norma NIJ 0101.06, que podria parar 9mm i un magnum .44. Si mai decidiu que desitgeu protecció contra les rodes de fusell o armament més pesat, haureu d’adquirir plaques balístiques. Aleshores, Deekon Bulletproof de fins pot arribar a 7.62x51, 7.62x39, 5.56x45, 7.62x63, 7.62x54R i pistoles de qualsevol calibre. . L’armilla Deekon Bulletproof pot passar tota prova de laboratori internacional. Es poden proporcionar mostres de proves.

La millor armilla a prova de bales amb el millor control de qualitat.

Les armilles impermeables de bala de Deekon es fabriquen sota inspecció abans que s'hagin muntat en una armilla antiartol de Deekon completa. Totes les armilles a prova de bales de Deekon tenen un número de sèrie únic. Si prefereixes el vestit a prova de bales de KEVLAR, comprarem material de DuPont.

Una gran armilla a prova de bales a un preu increïble.

Amb la confiança de clients de més de 60 països, demostrat per salvar vides i el millor valor en material dur, Deekon és la millor armilla a prova de bales que desitgi. Cadascú es permet el vestit impermeable de bala de Deekon.

Especificacions tècniques


  • Perfect ballistic performance.

The soft bulletproof vest could be qualified with all levels of USA NIJ standard 0101.04 by increasing or removing layers of PE UD.

  • Upgrading protection level.

The pockets at front and bear of the outer coat are for inserting hard armor plates, which could upgrade the protection level to NIJ level III or IV to prevent against r-ifles, such as 7.62*39mm AK47, 7.62*51mm NATO M14, 5.56*45mm M16, and 7.62*63mm M2 AP bullets.

  • Funcions tàctiques.

Sistema MOLLE per a accessoris necessaris per a qui els porta.

Qucik release system which can save time for wearing bulletproof vest

  • Durabilitat.

L'abric exterior està fabricat amb POLY / COTTON / NYLON / CORDURA fiable, que és impermeable, resistent a la flama, resistent al desgast i resistent a la llàgrima i fàcilment rentable segons les vostres necessitats.

  • Color

Els colors són opcionals de NEGRE, OLIVA VERD, KHAKI, BLANC, WOODLAND, DERSERT CAMO i qualsevol color que vulgueu.


Butxaca del cartutx

Cartidge, revista, es pot carregar un ganivet, una llanterna i altres coses a la butxaca.

Pocket shape be customized.

Pocket width and height can be custmoized

Grion Protection and Neck Protection

Groin protection and Neck Protection can provide more protection

Size: Deekon grion protection regular size is 0.2*0.25; all size can be customized

High standard oxford fabric

Outer fabric is waterproof, flame resistance, long-wearing, tear-resistance and easily washable according to your requirements


Can you make a custom-sized vest?

If your company order more than 100 PCS bulletproof vest, size can be customized. But if only need one piece ballistic vest, size could not be customized. Becasue Deekon Bulletproof vests are made from over 60 pieces of fabric, so making custom sizing very expensive for the customer.

What level of protection did you choose for your vest and why?

We choose a NIJ Level IIIA (3A) vest. This vest is more protective than a level I (1), level IIA (2A) or II (2) vest but below the protection level of a level III (3) and IV (4) vest. The Level IIIA (3A) vest will protect you from almost all handgun rounds. It is tested for rounds up to a .44 Magnum full metal jacket round nose bullet. That's a big, powerful bullet that will easily kill you if you are not wearing a vest.

What is your ballistic material made from?

Our ballistic panels are made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE or High Strength Polyethylene). Most bulletproof vest manufacturers have moved beyond Kevlar into stronger materials and so have we.

How long does a bulletproof vest last?

The generally accepted length of service is 5 years, but we have never seen scientific data available beyond that. They may be effective beyond 5 years, but no one has run tests to determine if this is true. Our research into the materials used would indicate a longer life if it is kept dry and out of the sun, but the testing to prove that vests are durable past five years does not exist.

Anything I shouldn't do with a bulletproof vest?

You shouldn't take the inserts out and leave them in the sun. This will degrade the performance of the vest.

Who buys these vests?

We sell vests mainly to people who live, play, and work in potentially violent environments. Deekon group has 14 years’ experience of manufacturing bulletproof vest for customers from more than 60 countries. We are one of the largest bulletproof products suppliers for Chinese army, armed police and police department.

Do you test the vests on yourself?

In China, our the law forbids citizens to carry guns. so there is no reason for us to wear one during the testing process though. But we have many test report from Chinese and American laboratories. Please check attached some of the reports. Samples also can be provided for your own testing in your country.

Do you sell other colors?

If your company order more than 100 PCS bulletproof vest, color can be customized. But if only need one piece ballistic vest, we sell black only. We do this to simplify our manufacturing. This keeps our prices unbelievably low.

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