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Balak egiteko maskara


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1-10 PCak 10-100 PCak ≥ 100 PCS

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NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Mask- Can Pass All Kind of Lab Testing

The Deekon Bulletproof Mask offers NIJ 0106.01 IIIA protection. (Click Here to know bulletproof level ). This ballistic mask has been tested and approved for NIJ standard 0106.01, which could stop 9mm and a .44 Magnum. Deekon Bulletproof Helmet can pass all kind of international lab test. Testing samples can be provided!

The Best Bulletproof Mask with Best Quality Control. The Deekon Bulletproof Masks are manufactured under top class quality control system. All the processes have been inspected with scanner before been assembled into a complete Deekon Bulletproof Mask.

A Great Bulletproof Mask at an Unbelievable Price. The Deekon Bulletproof Mask trusted by customers from more than 60 countries, proven to save lives, and the best value in hard plate, Deekon is the best bulletproof mask you want. Everyone can afford the Deekon Bulletproof Mask.

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Masks with Kevlar

Protect against bullets, shrapnel & fragments

Have structural stability

Have low back face deformation

Have long term stability

Protection Level: NIJ IIIA 9mm and .44 magnum

Material: Kevlar

Pisua: 1.1kg