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Қытай оқ атпайтын жилет жақсы ма?

УАҚЫТ: 2017-01-01 Хиттер: 8

Қытай оқ атпайтын жилет жақсы ма?

Test Reprot for the bulletproof vest which we have send to Albania

In last November, Deekon got the order from Albania customers, they paid much attention to quality guarantee. And they asked Deekon provide the test report after finished the bulk production.

In желтоқсан, Deekon finished all the bulletproof vest, customers come to our factory and check the vest quality, then they choose one bulletproof vest from the bulk production. We send that vest to Third-party detection insitution. After 7 days, we received the test report and send to our customer, they are satisfied with our quality and design.

Deekon bulletproof vests are easy to through the test.