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Арамид эсвэл UHMWPE-ээс аль нь илүү вэ?

ЦАГ: 2019-12-20 Үзсэн: 7

Advantages of Aramid

  • Less back deformation
  • Less overall blunt trauma
  • Higher melt point 400 Celsius/750 Fahrenheit
  • Very resistant to impact and abrasion damage
  • Өндөр чадал

Disadvantages of Aramid

  • Weighs slightly more than UHMWPE
  • Decays faster due to the contact from water and air
  • Poor compressive properties
  • Degradated by UV light
  • Hard to cut without special equipment

Advantages of UHMWPE

  • Хөнгөн жин
  • Effect is 40 percent stronger when the temperature is less than 90 degrees
  • Decays slow from water and air
  • Phenomenal chemical resistance

Disadvantages of UHMWPE

  • Melting point is 130 celsius/266 fahrenheit
  • High modulus of elasticity
  • The backface concave is more than aramid
  • Performance degradation if the temperature is higher than 90 celsius