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Bulletproof Chidule


Udindo Stock : Mu Thumba, Takonzeka Kutumiza.

**Price Per Briefcase**

1-10 PCS 10-100 PCS ≥ 100 PCS

Chidziwitso: Mtengo ndi FOB China China, kuphatikiza mtengo wotumizira.

Dinani apa, kuti muwone mtengo wotumizira.

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NIJ0101.06 IIIA - Can Pass All Kind of Lab Testing

The Deekon Bulletproof Briefcase offers NIJ Level III/Level IV protection.(Click Here to know bulletproof level). The chikwangwani was designed to defeat 9mm and .44 Mag. Deekon Bulletproof Chidule chachidule can pass all kind of international lab test. Testing samples can be provided!

The Best Bulletproof Chidule chachidule with Best Quality Control. The Deekon Bulletproof Chidule chachidule are manufactured under top class quality control system. The materials are made in own factory and all the materials have been inspected with scanner before been assembled into a complete Deekon Bulletproof Chidule chachidule.

A Great Bulletproof Chidule chachidule at an Unbelievable Price. The Deekon Bulletproof Chidule chachidule offers a brand new, level IIIA bulletproof chikwangwani. (Please contact us with specifications request to know the price). Deekon is the best bulletproof chikwangwani you want. Everyone can afford the Deekon Bulletproof Chidule chachidule.

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Out covering: Leather, Oxford fabric

Panel Material: UHMWPE

Folding Size: 50*35cm

Unfold Size: 50*142cm

Kunenepa: 6.5kg

Protection Area: 0.72m2

Protection Level: NIJ0101.06 IIIA


Use temperature should not exceed 70℃

No falls during use

Can't be used after 1 shot

Wipe with damp cloth

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